Digital Optimisation of Traffic Conditions for Special Vehicles.

SMEV (Smart Emergency Vehicles) is an ITS Cooperative System that changes the way of addressing emergency responses in Smart Cities. SMEV provides an open path to emergency services by i) clearing junctions from disturbing traffic, and ii) reorganising traffic dynamics in real time in the area surrounding the route to an incident. 

SMEV is a solution rethinking the existing approach to emergency services, consisting of:

  • A private mobile app for emergency vehicle driver, and.

  • A backend software installed at the Traffic Centre.

Following an operational pilot deployment in Germany (57 traffic lights in total), the system brings the following benefits:

  • 35% reduction in travel times,

  • 75% reduction in accident costs,

  • 15% less CO2 emissions in your city, and

  • 30% reduction in costs for insurance companies.

Learn more about our collaboration with SMEV AG here.