Connecting Problems in the Physical World with Mobility 3.0 Solutions.


Our company specialises in the prototyping, piloting and market deployment of crowd-sourced mobility solutions linking data, persons, things, vehicles and infrastructures.

Our Mobility 3.0 solutions include deployments such as:

  • Comprehensive (HW & SW) Electro-Mobility eBike and Car-Sharing Networks (ELVITEN)

  • IoT Low-Energy Urban Networks for Indoor Navigation in Stations & Point-to-Point Mobility (BLEUN)

  • Crowd-Sourced On-street Parking Exchange Platforms (upark!)

  • Smart Route Optimisation for Accessible Mobility (apertum)

  • Travel Planner and e-Ticketing Platforms for Multi-Modal Networks and MaaS (M3 Platform)

  • Real-Time Route Optimisation for Emergency & Special Vehicles (SMEV)

  • Crowd-Sourced Networks for Last-Mile Parcel Delivery (DynaHUBs)

Our team provides the required management, mobility, engineering and IT skills for:

  • Designing, Prototyping, Testing and Deploying Mobility 3.0 Solutions (configuration, offering and experience)

  • Scaling-Up Markets, Processes and Teams