Coming together is a beginning.

Smartphones are replacing on-board GPS, telephone and infotainment services, offering not only positioning and routing but also the possibility to book and pay bus tickets, parking or even hotels along your journey. Today smartphones have become the primary interface to connect people and places, providing connectivity for collaborative solutions such as ride-sharing, bike-sharing, crowd-parking or cargo-pooling.


Citizens are co-creating the new mobility.

Traditional mobility solutions based on centralised thinking can only do little to tackle today's mobility challenges. Taking a leap forward towards mobility freedom, citizens are kick-starting collaborative mobility by co-creating low-cost, peer-to-peer mobility networks in a free, spontaneous way. As recognised by the International Transport From, a massive uptake of shared mobility could halve vehicle-kilometres travelled in cities and reduce urban transport CO2 by 30% by 2050.


Delivering Mobility 3.0.

Our company offers a portfolio of crowd-sourced mobility solutions connecting smartphones with IoT proximity technologies and open data to accurately guide you to meet your peers or share your bike, car or parking spot. Have an overview of our Mobility 3.0 solutions here.