Conceiving smart mobility systems.

Our Studies Unit supports forward-thinking organisations in the conception of holistic systems providing for the smart, safe and sustainable mobility of people, goods, resources and information.

Recent featured references:

Planning & Policy Design

  • Al Khor Master Plan Update - Sustainable Mobility Study (OC Global, Qatar Government)

  • Preliminary studies & project design for Port Victoria Seychelles - Preparation of tender documents (OC Global, EIB)

  • Brexit, transport and tourism: consequences of a No-Deal scenario (European Parliament)

  • Benchmark study (Germany, Sweden, UK) on road planning administration and management (OC Global, Qatar Government)

  • Benchmark study of road maintenance & exploitation practices in Spain, Germany, France, Italy and United Kingdom (Spanish Association of Road Maintenance & Exploitation Companies)

  • Study on public procurement for main large-scale infrastructure projects in the EU (European Parliament)

  • Assessment of the Connecting Europe Facility, CEF (European Parliament)

  • Technical Assistance to Support the Effective Air Emissions and Radiation Monitoring, and Improved Environmental Management (Belarus, EU-funded)

  • Elaboration of National Transport Strategy (Albania, EU-funded)

  • Technical assistance in transport safety & security and transport legislation, Reform of the Ministry of Transports, TRANSPORT II (Algeria, EU-funded)

  • Updating of road safety and traffic legislation in the framework of the elaboration of a 2013-2018 National Road Safety Strategy (Nicaragua, WB-funded)

Market Acceleration

  • Market uptake strategy for a digital service reclaiming items surrendered at airport security checkpoints (Cotio, Finland)

  • Market uptake strategy for an innovative e-bike sharing system (Green Design, Italy)

  • Market uptake analysis for a Medium-Accuracy & Secure Positioning (MASP) solution for the railway sector (Autodrive Solutions, Spain)

  • Go-to-market strategies for a new generation of asphalt mixtures (Sacyr, Spain)

  • Go-to-market strategies for a road energy harvesting solution (Eiffage, Spain)